4 Tips for taking Your Immigration Physical in Deerfield Beach

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4 Tips for taking Your Immigration Physical in Deerfield Beach

Completing the Green Card application is challenging for most people and their family members. There is the uncertainty of denial and the bureaucratic nature of the government only adds to these worries. One of the steps all immigrants must follow is a physical examination and the results are sent to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  They use this information to check for syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, drugs, mental illness, and anything that makes it impossible for self-support. Preparing for the exam and what happens after requires using specific tactics that make things easier. These tactics increase the chances of getting approval and reduce some of the uncertainty in the process. 

  1. Prior to the Exam

The first step is to schedule your immigration physical in Deerfield Beach at an authorized center. You want to do this before you submit any of the paperwork and have the results go along with it at the same time. It is a civil surgeon that USCIS designates to perform the examination and the costs range from $100 to $500. These fees vary depending on the location, city, and state where it is conducted. 

The surgeon’s signature must not be more than 60 days old if you are submitting the application and exam concurrently. Anything after this with the physician’s signature should be sent in as an addition to the application. Don’t wait too long to send everything in, as it could require taking another exam all over again. 

There are several documents you need to bring, including vaccination records, x-rays, medical history, a government photo ID, health insurance, and payment for the fee. 

  1. The Exam

During the exam, the doctor will go over all of the information relating to your medical history, immunization, and ask questions about your health. You will get a health check and the physician takes samples including blood and urine. 

They will ask you if you are taking any prescription medications, the types, past drug usage, and if you are using any illegal substances. They will also assess your physical ability to work, gauge your mental health, and determine if you are going to be a public charge.  

  1. Following the Exam

Once the exam is finished, you will sign the form and the doctor will tell you if you need to come back to the office. If everything goes well, they will give you the results in an envelope that is sealed. 

Never open it or break the seal, as USCIS will not accept it and you have to take the exam again. The doctor gives you a separate copy that you can open, which tells you about the results. The unsealed results are sent to USCIS with the paperwork or they are brought with you to the interview. 

Those who are bringing it to the interview have sent their paperwork to USCIS prior. 

  1. What about Denials?

The physician’s job is to ensure that you are not a health risk to the people living inside the US. There are several reasons why you can be denied, include alcohol/drug abuse, transmittable diseases, the incapacity to work, and mental illness. 

Any one of these areas can result in a denial of your Green Card application. 

Transmittable diseases focus on anything untreated, infectious, and active in your body, like syphilis, leprosy, gonorrhea, or tuberculosis. The incapacity to work looks at if you are physically able to work and will not become a burden on the government. It focuses on people who are or will need benefits in the future from degenerative illnesses. Mental illness examines the threat or history of violence against yourself or others. 

These reasons can be causes for denial, but there is a wavier in some situations, in which case you can learn more about this during your process. 

We Can Help

The process for an immigration physical in Deerfield Beach can be confusing and requires knowledge about the process. The tips we listed above can help you to prepare and understand what is involved and the factors leading to denials so you can afford it as best as possible. The key is to understand how it works and take the proper steps to ensure you are ready for everything. If you have any questions about obtaining your immigration physical or if you’re ready to book an appointment, give us a call today!

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