What Wellness and Prevention Treatments Does an Urgent Care Clinic in Delray Beach Offer?

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What Wellness and Prevention Treatments Does an Urgent Care Clinic in Delray Beach Offer?

Urgent cares are an asset to the community, offering a wide variety of services for patients. Whether you are in a rush and need to see a doctor as soon as possible or need documents signed last minute, we have you covered. Some of the more well-known services are STD testing, vaccinations, x-rays, and annual physicals. However, did you know that your local urgent care clinic in Delray Beach also offers wellness and prevention treatments?  These treatments can even benefit your health. From giving patients a mood booster and helping their mental health to physical health benefits by keeping the immune system strong, these treatments have many perks. To learn more about these wellness and preventative treatments, keep reading. The staff from the urgent care clinic in Delray Beach explain each option we offer in-depth.

IV Infusion Therapy

IV infusions are not only for a hospital setting. Many people who are not in a state of emergency can benefit from IV infusion therapy. These treatments are beneficial for those looking to restore essential vitals, hydrate themselves, and encourage wellness. These fluids are not only helpful for health purposes but also beauty and fitness ones. The more vitamins and the more hydrated you are, the better you will feel in your skin and at the gym.

TMS Therapy

TMS therapy, otherwise called transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy, is a unique treatment that can be highly effective for some. The patient who undergoes it will sit down in a chair while tiny magnetic pulses will stimulate parts of the brain. The magnetic pulses can treat those who struggle with depression, among many other mental health disorders. After treatment, patients find that their mental health symptoms improve. But mental health disorders aren’t all they can help treat. Some neurological conditions can those with chronic pain can also benefit.

Myers Cocktail

This cocktail of vitamins and nutrients is a fan favorite. Many people use this cocktail of good stuff to help them boost their mood and immune system. The mixture includes Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, B-vitamins, and B12. You might be wondering why not consume these vitamins orally. Well, they are not quite as effective as an IV infusion is. To learn more about this unique blend of vitamins, your local urgent care clinic in Delray Beach can help.

Ozone Therapy

If you are looking for prevention treatment when you start to feel sick, ozone therapy is what you are looking for. This treatment slows the growth of viruses in the body. If done early enough, it can even prevent you from getting more sick. Many people feel the common cold or the flu and utilize ozone therapy to get ahead of the virus. We like to think of it as a little immune booster. But that’s not all this therapy can help. Those who struggle with diabetes, respiratory issues, inflammation, and cancer treatment side effects, can find relief with ozone therapy.


For those in recovery from substance abuse or addiction, NAD + can help. The treatment has brain-boosting effects and can even regenerate parts of the brain and some of the cells. Those in recovery find that they benefit a lot from this treatment. However, those with neurological conditions can also benefit.

Chelation Therapy

The chelation therapy option is typically for unique situations. And unless you are in the specific scenarios, it may not be of many benefit to you. During this therapy session, the chelation will combine drugs and metals in your body that get removed through urinating. The treatment is typically for patients who have metal poisoning. However, in rare circumstances, other people with certain conditions can benefit.

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