Can an Urgent Care Help You in Your Weight Loss Journey?

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Can an Urgent Care Help You in Your Weight Loss Journey?

Weight loss goals are easy to make but often very difficult to meet. Living a long and healthy life is the ultimate goal for most folks, but various life circumstances – including our own internal, biological mechanisms – can make that a challenge.

Hillsboro Urgent Care wants you to know that we’re here to help with weight management in Deerfield Beach, FL. Urgent care is more than just getting wounds mended and short-term illnesses remedied. You can get the help you need to meet your weight loss goals here at our urgent care facility. Let’s go over how healthy weight loss works and what to expect.

Obstacles to Reaching Your Healthy Weight Goals

Life often gets in the way of us meeting our goals, doesn’t it? Medical weight loss programs are available to help, and you can access them at an urgent care center.

You might be wondering why the pounds aren’t coming off despite diet and exercise, and our metabolic testing can help with that. Finding the root cause of your weight issues is important, and you need a skilled – and compassionate – doctor on your side to assist with attaining healthy weight loss.

What Happens During Your First Visit

During your initial visit, your doctor will go over your current goals as well as your medical history. Every body is unique, so we customize your weight loss plan to fit your needs. You will also learn about our nutritional counseling and education, as well as pharmaceuticals that can help suppress your appetite and enhance medical weight loss.

Of course, you’ll get the chance to ask any questions you have about weight loss. It can be helpful to write down a list of concerns before coming in.

What to Expect Afterward

What happens after your first appointment? Every month, you will meet with our on-site physician and medical team to go over how you are doing and to make any adjustments if needed. You might have some ‘homework’ to do each month at home to help you meet your goals, so be prepared to put in the work!

Treatment Options

Your treatment options are going to depend on your body’s unique needs. Addressing chronic conditions that can cause obesity – such as high blood pressure and autoimmune disease – is important for weight loss. There are pharmaceuticals available, not to mention nutritional counseling.

Who Qualifies For Medically Assisted Weight Loss?

People with a body mass index (BMI) of greater than 30 are considered good candidates for medically-assisted weight loss. Those with a BMI of over 27 who also have a serious medical condition linked to obesity are also candidates. If you’re unsure of your BMI, the CDC has a tool for calculating it.
There is no shame in asking for help with your weight loss journey. If you’re ready to take the next step, contact Hillsboro Urgent Care and let us know you’re in need of weight management in Deerfield Beach, FL.

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