Urgent Care Medical Weight Loss Programs

Medical Weight Loss


Medical weight loss programs have been proven to have a much higher success rate than diet regimens that are self-managed by patient on their own. The program we offer is a science-based solutions that can help you lose weight, feel great about your body, and have more energy.

Doctor measuring waist of overweight woman in clinic, closeup

If you are interested in implementing proven weight loss techniques under the supervision of an experienced doctor and medical staff, schedule your first medical weight loss appointment with us.


The primary focus is the safety of our patients. Our medical staff will assist you in losing the maximum amount of weight by utilizing a safe and healthy approach.


Our program utilizes nutritional counseling and education as well as the use of pharmaceutical appetite suppressants as well as injections that aid with the  weight loss process.

Metabolic Testing

It also includes comprehensive metabolic testing and medical diagnostics to monitor physiological shifts during the course of the program.

On Site Physician

You will meet monthly with our on-site physician and experienced medical team to guide you throughout your weight loss journey.