Urgent Care Treatments & Procedures

We offer a variety of medical exams and services and a few of them are listed below:

Physical & Health Tests

Regular physical exams are vital for managing and maintaining your health. Depending on your situation or occupation, you may need an authorized provider to perform a specialized medical exam. From routine physicals to school or sports physicals, we offer a wide range of comprehensive physical exams.

Although specifics of a physical will vary based on the reason for the physical, as well as the patient’s gender and age, most routine physicals typically check the functioning of the lungs, heart, head, neck, extremities, and skin. Other areas may also be included depending on the patient’s medical history.

School and sport physicals are conducted to determine whether a child is healthy and physically prepared to participate in sports and/or other school activities. These regular exams can also be a good time for physicians to discuss important health issues with children and their parents or guardians.

Medical Procedures

Need stitches, wound repair, or burn treatment? There are some medical concerns that just can’t wait for a doctor’s appointment. That doesn’t mean you need to wait at a hospital emergency room, either. We perform minor procedures at your neighborhood clinic, conveniently open when you need us right onsite.

Lab Testing & Screening

We’ll evaluate your medical problem, perform any necessary tests, and in most cases, get you back to your life in under an hour.

Illnesses & Injuries

Illnesses and injuries can’t always wait for a doctor’s appointment. We handle a wide variety of medical needs, ranging from asthma attacks, sinus infections to bladder infections and flu shots. For just about any minor illness or injury, we are here for the immediate care to help you feel better fast.

Immunization & Vaccines

There’s no need to juggle appointments to get the vaccines and immunizations you need. We’ll do everything possible to get you vaccinated and back to your busy life, usually within 60 minutes or less.

Wellness & Prevention

Our walk-in center also offers a number of Wellness Treatments and Preventive Services. Please note that we may be providing more than just the services below at this time, please call to inquire for more information.

We Offer Much More:

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Medical Emergencies and Non-Emergency Needs

If you or someone you know is need of urgent care or a wellness physician, give us a call at (954) 360-7000!