What is IV Therapy in Deerfield Beach, and How Does the Process Work?

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What is IV Therapy in Deerfield Beach, and How Does the Process Work?

One of the challenges when taking medication is the wait times from swallowing a pill. You will have to wait from one to two hours for the tablet to dissolve and go into your bloodstream.

This means that your body will not get what it needs at that moment from the delay. Medicine is changing how we take our medication through IV therapy by injecting it directly into the bloodstream.

The demand for this approach is rising, and projections are that IV therapy will become a $10.98 billion industry by 2027. The estimates are that the increasing demand will lead to an annual growth rate of 4.1%

However, IV therapy can be confusing with misconceptions and disinformation. We look at IV therapy in Deerfield Beach and how the process works.

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is when a medical professional has you sit down in a comfortable place and administers an IV solution. The fluid is in a clear plastic bag and slowly drips into your body. The substances you are taking enter the body faster versus taking a pill or rubbing it into the skin.

IV therapy in Deerfield Beach is becoming popular, as you will receive the effects faster than traditional methods. This procedure is helpful with blood transfusions, dehydration, and dealing with various health conditions.

For example, if you suffer from the flu, IV therapy can give your body what it needs faster. You don’t have to wait for prescription drugs to take effect when the IV goes straight into the bloodstream. You will feel better and can get on with your day using this treatment option. 

We administer IV therapy to improve your health and help your body to get what it needs quicker.

Hillsboro Urgent Care uses the most state-of-the-art in diagnostic equipment, and our staff is highly trained. We can help you take your IV treatments in a relaxing and professional setting without the frustrations. 

What Vitamins and Fluids are Available?

The IV you take depends on your therapy and treatment protocols as recommended by your doctor. The most common solutions include vitamins, minerals, dextrose, antibiotics, and antioxidants.

During your treatment, the vitamins you receive are B complex, C, calcium, and magnesium. Vitamin B is necessary for ensuring critical functions, such as metabolism and the nervous system.

Vitamin C improves the strength of your immune system and is taken when you become sick. Calcium supports strong bones and teeth to ensure your body can maintain its strength levels.

Magnesium improves digestion, decreases inflammation, and prevents you from having migraine headaches. All of these are administered using an IV when your body has trouble with absorption.

Dextrose is a form of sugar found naturally in fruits and reduces your blood sugar levels.

Antibiotics are when you become sick and require a solution that will kill the disease and infection.

Antioxidants protect the body from various diseases and improve your health if you feel like you are becoming sick.

We use all of these solutions for different treatments and vitamin infusions in Deerfield Beach.

Hillsboro Urgent Care will give you an IV treatment to ensure you remain healthy or want to feel better. We are knowledgeable in different conditions and know how to use these solutions to get the best results. 

The Uses

IV therapy is common for issues, such as athletic recovery, hangovers, cold/flu assistance, and supporting the immune system.

Athletes feel drained after long periods of exercise and use IVs to supply amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants to the body. They recover faster and will get back to their normal routines with this treatment.

Hangovers leave the body wanting fluids and vitamins to make a full recovery. IVs are the solution your body requires without the rest, such as vitamins and fluids to rehydrate.

Colds and flues drain your body of energy and make basic activities difficult. An IV drip gives you fluids, antioxidants, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medication to help you feel better faster.

Immune system support occurs with vitamins and antioxidants sent directly to your body to improve wellness.

We recommend IV therapy to help improve your health and make faster recovery times.

Hillsboro Urgent Care is the place to get what you require to improve your health and wellness.

We are Here for You

IV therapy can improve your health and reduce the challenges you face with traditional solutions. Call Hillsboro Urgent Care today at 954-884-5998 and see how we can help you to feel better.

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