Preventive Measures You Can Take To Reduce Your Child’s Risk of Contracting Seasonal Diseases

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Preventive Measures You Can Take To Reduce Your Child’s Risk of Contracting Seasonal Diseases

If your child always seems to be coming down with the latest sickness, there are things you can do to help. Then, they will feel better and miss fewer school days, and you will be able to work more. 

What Are Common Seasonal Illnesses?

Seasonal illnesses occur more in the winter than they do in the summer. These illnesses include the common cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, and whooping cough. In Florida, children are only allowed to miss 15 days of school before they must get a doctor’s note if they miss more. You can proactively stop seasonal illnesses in your home in several ways. 

Get Your Child a Physical

It is a great idea to schedule a yearly physical. That way, doctors can spot any chronic illnesses that may weaken your child’s immune system, making them more prone to seasonal illnesses. Doctors can recommend a course of action to keep your child healthier if identified. 

Serve Healthy Foods

Foods that are high in vitamins and minerals help build healthy immune systems. Serve your child a diet high in beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, protein, and probiotics. If your child seems allergic to certain foods, get them tested at a walk in clinic in Deerfield Beach. 

Ensure Your Child Gets Enough Sleep

Your toddler may need up to 14 hours of sleep daily while your preschooler may require 13 hours. Once your child is in school, they will need up to 12 hours of sleep while teens need up to 10 hours. If they do not get enough, they are more likely to need to see the team at pediatric urgent care in Hillsboro. 

Sleep is when the body restores itself, so ensure your child gets enough sleep daily. Sleeping too much can be a sign of sickness too, so consider going to a children urgent care center if your child isn’t behaving normally. 

Let Your Child Play Outside

Children who play outside almost daily are healthier than those who stay indoors, so they usually make fewer trips to pediatric urgent care in Hillsboro. Many illnesses are tied to obesity, and children naturally burn more calories when playing outdoors. 

Sunlight stimulates the pineal gland, helping the immune system function properly. Additionally, spending time outdoors helps your child get the vitamin D needed to stay healthy. If an accident occurs while playing outdoors, your child can easily and quickly be seen at a walk in clinic in Deerfield Beach. 

Practice Good Hygiene

Practicing excellent hygiene is a fantastic way to stop the spread of seasonal illnesses. Therefore, you should teach your children to wash their hands with soap and water before meals and after using the restroom. It’s also a good idea to wash your hands when you get home. 

Keep Your Kids Well-hydrated

If your child becomes dehydrated, the organs in their body have trouble getting the nutrients they need since about 90% of their blood is water. Therefore, you should ensure that your child stays well hydrated. Children 3 and younger need about 3 cups of water daily. By the time they are 8, they should be drinking about 5 cups daily. Older children should drink half their body weight in water every day. If your child becomes sick and has trouble holding fluids down, contact a walk in clinic in Deerfield Beach. 
No matter how careful you are as a parent, your children will get sick; it’s part of life. When illness strikes, contact Hillsboro Urgent Care Clinic.

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