3 Reasons Regular STD Testing is Important for Everyone

STD Testing Deerfield Beach

3 Reasons Regular STD Testing is Important for Everyone

We have all heard it before, so we know that STD testing in Deerfield Beach, Florida, is important. Whether you are sexually active or not, everyone should aim to get an STD test at least once a year. Maybe you get yours done every year; in that case, this is simply a reminder. But, for those who put it off, now is the time to get the test done. The STD test is quick and easy. All you have to do is give some urine and let the nurse take some blood. Then, you wait a few days and get your results. Even if you end up being STD-free, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your results is priceless. Not sure where or why to get the test done? For one, you can get it done at Hillsboro Urgent Care, your local clinic, and as far as why you should get it, keep reading to learn more.

  1. You Could Have an STD Without Knowing

Many people either procrastinate getting the test or refuse one every time. Now, this isn’t always because they don’t want to get the test. It’s more so because many people have no symptoms, and as a result, assume they are in the clear. However, more often than not, STDs have no symptoms. Many people live with STI’s and STDs for years without even knowing they have them. Sometimes, people only find out because of a test. Even when you feel healthy, you likely attend your annual physical. Getting STD testing in Deerfield Beach, Florida, should be treated the same way. Regardless of your lack of symptoms, you should still get tested. If anything, it will confirm your suspicions that you are in the clear. There’s nothing quite like having peace of mind.

  1. You Should Protect Your Partner

Whether you have one partner or multiple, you should still make it a priority to get tested. The general rule of thumb is to get tested after every new partner you have. Many people hear this and assume they do not need to get a test after being in an exclusive relationship. However, long term relationship or not, everyone should get a test every year. Even if you trust your partner, it comes back to peace of mind. But, this sentiment applies mainly to those who are single or in an open relationship. Imagine how mad or upset you would be if someone gave you an STD and you didn’t know. It’s everyone’s responsibility to know their status before engaging with a new partner. If you come back positive for something curable, then you can clear everything up before putting others at risk. If you come back with something that is not curable, you can move forward and let your partners know before getting sexually active with them. Getting tested regularly is important for your health but is just as important for other people’s health. 

  1. STD Testing Protects Your Health

Health is a priority for everyone. We all want to lead and live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Part of that is getting regular STD testing in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Just like how you get your annual physical every year, you should get STD tested every year. The annual physical is to make sure everything looks good and catch something bad early on. The same goes for STD testing. The longer you go without getting tested, the more your health could degrade. You might not have an STD. But if you do, they can cause some severe damage to your health when left untreated. The best way to protect yourself is to take the extra 10 minutes and get the test done. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to health.

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Getting the STD test may seem like a hassle or annoyance, but it could end up protecting yourself and others. Next time you come in for your doctor’s appointment, get the STD test. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it is you making your health a priority. To learn more about STD testing, check out the Hillsboro Urgent Care website. Or, to schedule your appointment, either walk-in or give us a call at (954) 737-4494.

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