Best Ways To Prevent Ankle Sprains

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Best Ways To Prevent Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are common among athletes, especially those participating in sports such as soccer, basketball, and ballet. These impacts can lead to both chronic and acute problems. However, a few steps can go a long way toward preventing ankle sprains altogether. You should also know what to do if you’re already suffering from this painful injury, including consulting Deerfield primary care. Here are some ways you can prevent ankle sprains.

1. Stretch and Flex

Strengthening your muscles will help you prevent a sprain. Stretching your legs lightly before you exercise and doing a warm-up can also prevent an ankle sprain. By improving the range of motion and flexibility in the ankle, you will have better balance and change directions quickly.

2. Brace

A good brace can prevent injuries for athletes prone to ankle sprains. An ankle brace is designed to keep the ankle from rotating and rolling, which can be a problem for players who make rapid cuts on the soccer field or basketball court. A brace will also allow you to play confidently and improve your performance. You should not purchase an ankle brace unless you have seen a physical therapist. The Deerfield primary care will show you how to get a good fit and ensure you buy the right kind of brace for your situation. 

3. Strengthen Your Core

Flexibility is important, but not when it has the potential to lead to a painful sprain. You should strengthen your core muscles before the ankle starts to hurt. You can control how much force is put on the joint by strengthening your muscles. When your core is strong, you can keep the body more stable during impact, reducing stress on your joints.

4. Balance Yourself

Balance is a key factor in preventing ankle sprains. A lack of balance can lead to a roll or twist, which will cause an ankle sprain. To improve your balance, you should start focusing on posture and thinking about your positioning during everyday movements such as walking or climbing stairs. You should also try specific exercises that will improve your balance while allowing you time to work on other strategies to prevent sprains.

5. Get a Professional Assessment

Sprains and related injuries are difficult to treat because they require an individual approach. Working with a professional who can show you how to avoid future sprains based on your specific situation and injury history is important. A physical therapist can also provide you with the right tools for recovery. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may need to seek out a doctor or additional specialist beyond the PT. For instance, when you visit a Deerfield Beach Florida hospital, you can have your ankle examined by a physical therapist. When your PT sees the injury, they can recommend treatments such as range of motion, strength training, and other rehab exercises. 

6. Progressive Activity

Progressive activity is the key to preventing ankle sprains. This ankle sprain treatment focuses on gradually increasing the weight and strain on your joints to prevent future injuries. Gradually increasing your activity levels will allow your body to recover from your injury as quickly as possible. The best way to include progressive activity into your life is by beginning with mild activities that build up with more strenuous ones later.


Ankle sprains are common, frustrating, and painful injuries. They can even lead to other problems, such as chronic pain and low range of motion. However, you can prevent them by taking certain precautions. If you are already suffering from this problem, our Deerfield Beach Florida hospital experts offer professional ankle sprain treatment. We know that sprains can be difficult to treat, so we will take the time to show you how to get better sooner. Contact Hillsboro Urgent Care for more information on how to prevent or deal with ankle sprains.

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