Ways To Lower Child’s Fever at Home

Child with thermometer in their mouth and ice pack on their head

Ways To Lower Child’s Fever at Home

Being a parent means that you have a lot of responsibility, but the most important one is ensuring that your children remain as healthy as possible. However, there will come a time when they get sick and run a fever regardless of how healthy they are. A fever occurs when the body reacts to a foreign organism that has made its way in, and it fights it off with a high temperature.

When you know that your child has a fever, the first thing a parent thinks about is how to get it down quickly. Luckily, there are a few things that can be done without heading out to an urgent care for fever.

What Our Children’s Urgent Care in Deerfield Beach Recommends

Acetaminophen is a pain reliever, but it’s also used to reduce a fever. The dose to give will depend on your child’s weight, but if they are at least 2, then the label will have the required dosage listed. For a toddler under 2, you should get a hold of Hillsboro Urgent Care for advice. Our physicians and nurses will make recommendations based on your situation.

Some parents prefer using ibuprofen to bring down a fever because you can give it to all children as long as they are older than 6 months. Like acetaminophen, the correct dosage will be based on your child’s weight and will be listed on the box.

There are currently no medications approved by the FDA to lower fevers in children younger than 6 months, so do not give infants either of these medications.

Besides medication, you can explore other options outside of visiting our urgent care for fever. You can apply a cool compress to their head and the back of their neck to cool them off. You can lower their bedroom´s temperature so that it is comfortable, and you can also run your child a lukewarm or cool bath.

Getting In Touch With A Pediatric Urgent Care in Deerfield Beach

If your child is exhibiting a fever alongside other symptoms, then you should be in touch with our pediatric urgent care in Deerfield Beach. Besides other present symptoms, your child should be seen if they experience seizures or if their fever remains constant for more than three consecutive days.

Call 911 immediately if your child has become unresponsive or has developed trouble breathing.

Other Services We Provide At Hillsboro Urgent Care

At Hillsboro Urgent Care, we are able to provide a wide variety of services that enable the patient to heal quickly and return home as soon as possible. Some of the other treatments and procedures that we offer include medical weight loss programs and wellness and prevention initiatives.

Visit Hillsboro Urgent Care for All of Your Urgent Care Needs

When your child has a fever, they need the right care to help their body overcome it. Our children’s urgent care in Deerfield Beach will be happy to help your child get back on their feet. If you have any questions, please contact us today!

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