Key Differences Between Emergency and Urgent Care

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Key Differences Between Emergency and Urgent Care

A persistent medical condition that requires care for you or a loved one often necessitates quick decision making. Whether the issue is a rapidly swelling ankle or chest pains, acting quickly is key to dealing with the issue safely and efficiently.

Urgent Care or Emergency Care?

Fortunately, the decision to use urgent care or emergency care is not left entirely up to you. Doctors and nurses at your Deerfield Beach hospital should be able to assess your condition and symptoms and make recommendations for care. Still unsure about where to go first? Visit your local walk-in clinic in Deerfield Beach for the next steps in medical care. Here are some key differences that distinguish urgent care from emergency room care.

Severity of Health Conditions

Urgent care tends to be a middle ground between a primary care provider and the emergency room. If your assessment at home determines that you have a minor illness or injury that could wait a day, urgent care is the place to go first. Certain preexisting conditions and circumstances may call for emergency room care, such as an autoimmune condition or extremely high fever. If your doctor recommends a trip to the emergency room, it is advised that you take the extra time to get a thorough assessment of your condition.

Hours and Staff

Emergency room departments are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with physicians, nurses, and practitioners who are specially trained to deliver efficient care related to trauma. Their teams have quick access to specialists in the fields of neurology, cardiology, and orthopedics, with state-of-the-art access to testing and imaging that may otherwise not be available at an urgent care facility.

Wait Times

In general, urgent care clinics tend to have shorter wait times than emergency rooms, particularly because more practitioners are on staff during normal business hours. Outside of normal business hours, you can expect wait times similar to those found in emergency care environments. Patients seeking emergency care are seen on a “need for care” basis, dependent on the medical priority.

Cost and Coverage

Due to the specialized nature of emergency room care, you may incur higher medical bills and costs that may or may not be covered by insurance. While it is difficult to negotiate with your insurance provider in an emergency, many providers are open to the option of negotiating after care has been given.

Most urgent care services are covered by medical insurance; a vetting process upon intake ensures that your insurance information is recorded so any services you receive at a Deerfield primary care facility can be billed directly to your insurance agency. In cases where an individual may not have insurance, there is often a specialist on staff to help with paperwork to see what kind of assistance one qualifies for.

Medical Services at Our Walk-in Clinic in Deerfield Beach

Having a significant medical event can be both stressful and scary. When you need urgent care in Deerfield Beach, we have you covered. The knowledgeable professionals at Hillsboro Urgent Care, a Deerfield Beach hospital, can assess your condition and route you to the right specialists for any symptom or illness you are experiencing. Offering exceptional emergency care, family medicine, and walk-in clinic services, our goal at our Deerfield primary care facility is your total health and wellness. Contact Hillsboro Urgent Care today for more information.

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