Summer Bumps and Bruises – When To Have Them Looked At

Injured player on field

Summer Bumps and Bruises – When To Have Them Looked At

Bumps and bruises are fairly common issues, especially when kids are playing outdoors more in the summer. In many situations, the injuries resolve on their own without further problems. However, you must know when seeking medical attention is appropriate and necessary for these injuries.

Intense Pain

Feeling some pain when you first get injured is typically normal. Excruciating pain that continues for hours or days can indicate a more serious issue than originally expected and warrants medical treatment in Deerfield Beach.

Suspected Break or Sprain

A bad fall or tumble can result in a broken bone or sprain. At Hillsboro Urgent Care, you can get an X-ray to determine the exact problem. Depending upon the bone broken or the extent of the sprain, the doctor may need to recommend surgery, put on a cast or provide suggestions for pain alleviation.

Concurrent Health Issue

If another medical issue starts as a result of the bump or bruise, seek immediate medical attention. For example, if you bump your head and are then feeling dizzy after the incident, you might have a concussion. In the event that the pain is spreading to another part of your body, the bump might have been more damaging than you originally thought.

No Known Cause

When you take a tumble down the stairs or accidentally walk into the dining room table, you likely suspect a bruise to form. However, if no known cause exists for your bump or bruise, go to the urgent care center in Deerfield Beach, Florida. While you might have simply not noticed a minor incident that led to the bruising, you could also have a more serious condition, such as a blood disorder, that is causing the discoloration on your skin.


If you fall off your bike and scrape your knees, it’s well known that you’ll bleed at first and then likely bruise. However, excessive bleeding is a sign that you might need stitches. When you cannot stop the bleeding on your own, you must visit a medical professional right away. This situation can be particularly dangerous for people with certain blood clotting disorders. Medical treatment in Deerfield Beach is an absolute necessity, or the issue could become fatal.

Other Concerns

You might be worried about the bump or bruise because the injury occurred to an infant, or you may be concerned because of past issues you’ve had with such incidents. If you are concerned about an injury or wound, you should not hesitate to speak with a medical professional. Some people choose not to visit the doctor because they feel their injuries are too minor. However, it is better to go to the doctor and be told that you’re fine than to make a potentially fatal mistake.

For a variety of reasons, you could end up with a bump or bruise this summer season. Whether you’re vacationing in the area or live in the neighborhood year-round, contact us at Hillsboro Urgent Care for assistance.

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